Venetian Lady

Many people from around the country look to find a suitable yacht in Miami and South Florida to host a slue of events including corporate events, holiday parties, bar mitzvahs, weddings and many other non-traditional events. Their experience with yachts might be limited, so telling the difference between the Venetian Lady and another yacht has to be clearly explained, we will explain what makes the Venetian Lady your best choice for your event.

The Venetian Lady was built in 2007, and for yacht standards that is great news! Many other boats in Miami might be 20 to 30 years old and might show their age through close inspection. The Venetian Lady is new and through inspection you will be able to see her newness and lack of wear-and-tear, we encourage people to visit the yacht and set an appointment with our sales team to look closely. Also, you will be surprised to see that this vessel is gracefully designed; her elegant, sleek lines make her attractive to the eye, all highlighted by gorgeous stainless steel handrails throughout the vessel.

Our floating dinner and dancing yacht can host up to 140 passengers. It is an ideal venue to host groups between 20 or 140. The entire space and layout of the yacht is well positioned by proper planning with our operation staff during construction. Our entire staff influenced every aspect of her design. In addition, we also boast the boat has 8-foot ceilings, which encouraged NBA basketball players to choose this vessel over other in Miami

We have a specific kitchen or galley on board to cook your important meals. The galley was showcased on a television program called Top Chef – an American reality competition show that airs on the cable television network Bravo, in which chefs compete against each other in culinary challenges. This is a great asset when keeping costs low and use this vessel as a turn-key operation, where the need to contact an outside catering company is eliminated. We are truly a one-stop shop.   

The Venetian Lady is eagerly awaiting your inquiry form or phone call, our sales team is prepared to begin planning your next event now! We are certain you will find the entire experience pleasurable and worth the effort.