Things to do in Miami

We know there’s a lot of things that you and your family want to do while you’re here in South Florida. But with so many options, deciding what to do can seem overwhelming at times, even for the most seasoned traveler. So Venetian Lady Yacht Charters has streamlined the process for you by offering a fast and easy way to do all the fun stuff you want to do!

If you scan this web-page you’ll see a few links below. Just click on each one you are interested in to learn more. From fun-filled fishing trips to an eye-opening tour of our stylish city, you’ll find something for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s a chance to see the homes of the celebrities from the water, or the opportunity to see an alligator swim only feet away from you, we’re sure you’ll walk away with great memories for the whole family.

Once you’ve decided on an excursion, simply purchase your tickets using our secure payment process, print out your voucher and you’re done!& Yes. It’s that easy! And you’re voucher will also have lots of useful information - maps, phone numbers, times, etc. - to help you out even more! So get started and let the fun begin…!

Tours & Activities

Sightseeing Cruises

Enjoy a 90-minute sightseeing cruise around Biscayne Bay.

Bayside Blaster Rides

Enjoy a 90-minute Bayside Blaster cruise around Biscayne Bay.

Dance Cruises

Enjoy a 90-minute dance cruise in Biscayne Bay.

Fishing Cruises

Enjoy a 3 1/2 hour fishing cruise off of Miami Beach.

Everglades Tours

Be pickup from your hotel and brought to the everglades and take an airboat ride.

City Tour & Boat Cruise

Enjoy a city tour around Miami and a sightseeing cruise in Biscayne Bay.