Sweet Sixteen Parties Miami

Your little girl is turning sixteen! Now its time to help her prepare an incredible sweet sixteen party dedicated to celebrating this once in a lifetime event that welcomes her to young adulthood.

It seems that the style and format of many sweet sixteen parties is rapidly changing. Instead of the formal tuxedo and gown celebrations, the trend today is to be creative and have a unique celebration that showcases a young girl’s interests and awareness.

We encourage participation from the young maturing girls, by actively listening to her thoughts and ideas about her party. What does she like? What interests does she have? With the answers to these simple questions, our sales team can help develop the details for planning her special celebration that will be cherished by family and friends.


We completely support creative thoughts and ideas; this makes our sales team excited to participate too. Our creative sales team helps create memorable experiences for young girls by participating in the planning, offering unique suggestions and helping to facilitate creative ideas to help keep her guests entertained.

A common theme, utilized often for sweet sixteen celebrations, is the Hollywood Awards Ceremony. A walk on the red carpet serves as the grand entrance on to the yacht. People can take photos in front of a printed wall, and have a small presentation where they can give out awards such as  'Best Dressed' and 'Most Inspired' for family and friends. Hired photographers can also act as paparazzi throughout the night, which creates more of buzz for the star studded event.

The ideas are endless and we want to encourage different ideas. A 70s Disco party, a henna tattoo party, a karaoke party, a “Dancing with the Stars” party all are cool ideas a girl may choose for her theme. Let your idea blossom into a spectacular night that highlights your unique and creative energy..

Call us today and plan your “one-of-a-kind” sweet sixteen celebration!