Fishing Miami

You demand the absolute best in life. And that includes the very best fishing for your friends and family…and a damn good time while you’re at it! So why not let the fishing experts make it happen for you today?

We’re talking about the best and most vibrant fishing excursions in South Florida, the best all-around service, the finest equipment and amenities, the highest-caliber real-world knowledge and experience (that comes with being on the water in Miami for over 30 years!), and the sheer excitement that only comes from a company who genuinely lives and breathes boats every single day!We love what we do - and you get all the benefits. So get your friends and family together and start planning your exciting Miami fishing charter with Venetian Lady Yacht Charters today!

Every detail of your trip is uniquely customized just for you, so that you never have to worry about a thing. And since we always provide everything your group needs, you’ll have the greatest chance of catching that next “big one“. This includes only the finest live bait, industry-leading brands of line, poles and top-of-the-line tackle - even the fishing license! We also can arrange for catering if you’d like.Remember, it’s whatever you want, and that includes fishing in whatever style you prefer: kite fishing, trolling, bottom fishing, deep sea fishing, sport fishing, and more. If you need assistance with this (or anything else) just ask your friendly charter coordinator who’ll be happy to help.

Get ready to have a great time. But best of all, you’ll enjoy the wealth of experience and wisdom our Captains provide. With over 30 years of fishing in Miami, our Captains and crew have fought and caught some of Florida’s most prized fish, including sailfish, kingfish, marlin, dolphin, swordfish, grouper, snapper, sharks, snook, tuna and tarpon. In other words: they know what they are doing. You’ll not only find their knowledge fascinating, but also useful. They will guide you to the hottest locations for that time of year and, with their intimate knowledge of local variables such as weather, tides, fish habits, and numerous tricks-of-the trade, will show you how to catch a great fish. Also, they’re just a heck of a lot of fun to be around and always have a lot of interesting stories to share with you and your family.

One of the hottest areas many of our Captains often enjoy is an area known as the Gulf Stream. Located just two miles off the coastline of Miami, it is home to some of the best fishing action in the United States, including fabulous reef fishing, bottom fishing, drift fishing, and kite fishing. And due to our moderate climate, excellent fishing can be had nearly year round in these warm waters. Yet the beautiful thing about Miami is that this is just one of many choice locations for you and your group to fish!

So whether you prefer inshore or offshore fishing, whether for half a day or a whole day (we also have multiple day excursions), whether you’re brand new to fishing or have been many times, make the best choice for your next big fishing adventure and experience the Venetian Lady Difference! Give us a call and let’s start planning your day of fun in the sun today!