Bar Mitzvahs Miami

Venetian Lady Yacht Charters is an incredible venue to host your upcoming bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah in Miami and South Florida. Our yachts are perfectly suitable for this special occasion, and our entire staff is completely knowledgeable of traditional Jewish customs as well as Kosher standards. We almost guarantee that you will find this experience more memorable than any local synagogue or Jewish Community Center can provide, at least that is what our past clients state!

WYour family and friends will get excited when they hear that your bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah will be on a luxury yacht – certainly they will not want to miss this event. Imagine open air, ever-changing sceneries, and beautiful sunsets, all while seeing spectacular sites from the water’s point of view. Certainly, RSVPs will increase and attendance will grow because people will not want to miss out on this exciting celebration. In turn, the bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah child becomes more serious about their studies when the hype escalates. Through it all parents become more proud and are willing to go all out for their maturing child.

So after the nine months of preparation for the ceremony, after the many meetings with the Rabbi, Cantor and Tutur, after all the learning and understanding of the Torah and Haftarah by the student are achieved - preparations for the party must begin. Since this is going to be one huge party that no one will ever forget, it might be easier to leave the planning and preparations to us! Today’s bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs are theme oriented. Many parents will spare no expense to create a celebration that all of their friends and family will rave over. Parents will want to create themes to help showcase all of their sons or daughters interests, hobbies and obsessions. A theme that represents your child is ideal.

We even know the best areas of the boat to conduct specific bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah ceremonies like the Shabbat prayer service and ritual reading of the Torah blessings. This makes any parent more proud and willing to go all out for their maturing child.

A variety of additional upgrades to your event is easily possible by organizing photographers, Dj's videographers and décor resembling the child’s favorite sports team, movie, singers or television shows. Plus, we can coordinate unique fun activities like photo booths, karaoke machines, dancers and magicians with ease and add to the ambiance that will be fun for everyone. You’ll find that our entire staff will want to participate in making your bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah a memorable occasion. From the sales team’s willingness to listen to creative ideas in the planning stage, to our production staff coordinating last minute details, they are all striving to work together in order to make this a long-lasting and memorable event. .

Call us today and start coordinating your upcoming bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah now! Mazal Tov!