Red Carpet

Red carpet rentals and aisle runners are a great addition for any event, especially for a luxury yacht charter event. This slight addition creates a great setting for the event while the guests transition from the dock to the yacht. You will have your guests smiling while walking down the red carpet.

Imagine for a second the last time you walked down the red carpet? Not to often I'm sure. Since many of us don't really walk down red carpets this addition to your yacht charter event will be excellent. At Venetian Lady Yacht Charters this quick addition will make your event even more spectacular than before, much like an awards show like the Oscars or Grammys.

Our red carpet can be placed in front of the boarding and ramps to the yacht with aisle runners along the way. Keep in mind, having a backdrop is even a greater addition to just the red carpet.

Any major yacht charter event like a wedding, corporate yacht charter, bar mitzvah, quince, sweet sixteen can benefit from the red carpet upgrad. It is like having a Hollywood style glitz, to which you invite your special guests.

Alongside, you can also look for velvet rope rental, Hollywood back drop rental and all kinds of photo back drop rental. They make for fine media back drops, making the photos of your events that appear in.

Everyone will notice how brilliantly you have got your venue decorated. It is also the means to tell the world how much serious you really are about the event you hosted. A good treat for the guests and good material for the media photographers to work on - the event gets instant attention.

If it is a wedding, the bride and groom can feel very special for the red carpet treatment. There is something so fine about the color and softness of carpets. They look great on the photos.

Thus, red carpet rentals can attract the attention of your guests and provide the lush grandeur your event deserves.